About  Us

   DDHRF has come in to being during March 2018, as a Forum and thereafter got registrered as a foundation officially in March 2019, with support of visionary Human Resource Managers, who contribute to the industries of Dindigul District. The purpose of DDHRF is to develop Human resource professionals at all levels and provide them valuable inputs to manage their own human resources. The Foundation in supports this purpose of promoting the use of sound and ethical human resource management practices in the field of HR


To become one amoung the most valued organization of HR professionals in India thouogh Training , Education and Research by conducting periodical Seminars,Workshops and Conferences in Educational, Social and Industrial and eventually to enable them to excel in HR Profession.


To Improve knowledge and enable the HR professionals to be dynamic and updated in their pursuit of excellence.


  • To support members of the foundatino to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in their functional areas.
  • To Upgrade the knowledge and skill in the area of Human Resources Management and Development for the professional advancement of the members of the foundation.
  • To help in development of a robust lega;,ethical and social environment for a healthy development of the organization to which the professional are attached.
  • To Exchange the information pertaining to potential and competent personnel in the area of Human Resources Management so as to meet the manpower needs of the participating organizations.
  • To interact and promote partnership with other related national and international organizations engaged in human resource developement and management.

Code of Ethics

  • Maintain high standards of integrity and behavior expected of the professionals Conduct oneself as a responsible member of the management team committed to the achievement of the organizational goals.
  • Take keen interest in the establishment of healthy human resource practices and development of the profession.
  • Try to win confidence and gain respect of the employees and all stake holders and make oneself available to them for formal and informal intervention to resolve industrial confilicts.
  • Endeavour to enhance the good name of the organization thourgh professional dealings with other professional bodies, government departments, regulators and other participating organizations.
  • Not to allow any interest other than professional behaviour to get exhibited in any official work.
  • Not to interface with the right of legitimate expectations of the employees.
  • Not in disclose any information of a confidential nature that one many acquire in the course of ones professional work without obtaining the consent of those concerned and shall not use confidential information for personal gains.